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Mobile Glass Replacement (Windshield, door or back glass)
For on site glass replacement, the cost varies based on what vehicle you have, and what options.

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NJ Auto Glass Services
At NJ Auto Glass, we take care to provide our customers high quality services right at your location. For chips and cracked windshields, this mobile service is very convenient. For smashed windows or windshields, this eliminates the problem of driving or towing your car with damaged glass, just call us for on site glass replacement.
Mobile Glass Repair
For small chips and stars in your windshield, call me to repair it on site. Results vary depending on the damage, and not all chips can be repaired, but we have invested in high quality equipment and training to offer the best repair service available. We use a vacuum cycle and pressure to first remove all the air in the damaged section, and then fill the void with resin. after the resin is cured with our UV lamp, the surface is cut down and polished to reduce the visibility of the repair.

$ 50